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Russia x Reader
What we Lost in the Fire Part 2
Disclaimer: I don't own Hetalia characters  and I can't own you either so… I don't
Part two if you haven't read the first part... you should

His house… is friken huge. Ivan guides you to a flight of stairs and leads you up them to the second story. Begin you of course you trip while walking up the stairs. The stair infront of you rushes up to meet your face but at the last second it stops. You can feel big arms around your waist and you realize that Ivan caught you and is still holding you. He slowly puts your feet back solidly on the ground and smiles at you.
"Oh uh thank you," you blush and continue up the stairs Ivan right behind you.
"This is where my room is," he says with his customary smile, "There are a lot of vacant rooms up here and you can pick which ever you want."
"What about the room I was in when I woke up?" A slight blush touches your face as you think about sleeping in a room so close to Ivan's.
"That was a tiny guest bedroom-Da. But because you are going to live here you need a proper room."
"Oh does anyone else live here?"
"Well there young countries live here sometimes but they are unimportant and I don't remember their names. Right now they are visiting Poland and won't be back for some time so you don't need to worry."
"You live in this big house by yourself? That must be lonely," his smile wavered slightly but stayed intact "But now you are here Sunflower so I am very happy." The blush spread further across your face and with it a bright smile.
"Well I'm happy to be here with you."
"_________ looks very beautiful with a smile on her face," he said and moved closer to your side. By now there was no way for your face to get any redder and you were smiling like an idiot.
"By the way how old are you?" You looked over as he asked and blushed again,
"19, how old are you?"
"Well by your age scale about 18. Come I still need to show you the rest of the house," he grabs your wrist and heads back down the stairs. The skin was pleasantly hot where he held you and you couldn't help but stare at his broad back, blushing once again.
"This is the kitchen. I cook but it's not very good. Do you like to cook?"
"I love to cook actually." "
"Then you can make our food-Da!" His smile widens as he says, "I'm sure your cooking is great. I can't wait to try it." You giggle at his words then he opens his eyes to gaze into yours. They're purple. This is the first time he had opened his eyes, how he didn't run into wall was a mystery, he was always smiling with his eyes shut. Ivan's eyes were a bright purple, the likes of which you had never seen. They were gorgeous and captivating.
"Sunflower, _______, please don't leave. I don't want to be lonely again-Da?" His eyes were filled with the sorrows of the past and you wanted nothing more than to take those sorrows away.
"I won't leave you. I want to be here… with you." A smile spread across his handsome face but this one was different. His eyes stayed open and you could see teeth peeking out from between his lips. This smile was real.
"Now come on lets go make some lunch," you smile and grab his hand, leading him over to the stove.
~               ~               ~            ~               ~          ~          ~         ~            ~               ~
It's the second anniversary of your Vatti and Mutti's deaths. You walk outside to the small graves you had made for your parents. Of course their bodies weren't buried in the earth but Ivan had helped you create two tombstones with their names on them. You trudge up to the graves and lay a bouquet of flowers next to each. Pink roses for Mutti and while lilies for Vatti. Ivan comes up behind you and puts his warm hands on your shoulders.
"I am truly sorry Sunflower," you sigh and reply.
"I forgave you and don't worry about it. I think they would have really liked you had they known you and besides you weren't the one who killed them. You already executed that guy."
"But I led the attack," he lowered his head.
"You were doing what you thought was best for your country, to eliminate your enemies, and I understand," a tear rolled down his cheek and you stood there shocked. This was the first time he had ever cried.  
"I don't want to hurt my Sunflower," he said, his voice filled with heartache. You turn around to face him cupping his face in your small hands.
"Then don't hurt me. I'm happy here with you." You wrap your arms around his neck and pull his head into your shoulder. In return he wraps his arms around your waist and pulls you closer. The hug lasts longer than is socially accepted but you don't mind. For the past two years you've had a huge crush on the man. To others he seemed huge and intimidating but in reality he was a big teddy bear. You hoped he wanted you the same way but were too afraid to make a move. He broke the hug first but grabbed your hand and pulled you after him back into the house.
~               ~               ~            ~               ~          ~          ~         ~            ~               ~
You threw a handful of carrots into the big pot and the smell of chicken and vegetables wafted throughout the huge house brining Ivan to the kitchen.
"Is it almost ready? It smells delicious." Giggling you reply, "Almost just another fifteen minutes or so." You turn around and see Ivan holding a vase of sunflowers out to you.
"Oh they're beautiful, are they for me?" You take the vase from him and set it on the island in the middle of the kitchen and move the flowers around to face all directions. Ivan comes up behind you and puts his hands on the island on either side of you.
"Of course sunflowers for a Sunflower. I was going to put them by your родитель grave but you already had enough and I wanted to give you something as pretty as you," this he whispered in your ear. His warm breath tickled your face and a blush touched your cheeks. You turn your body to face him, still between his arms, and lean against the counter behind you.
"Well thank you I love them," you smile up at Ivan who smiled back, his real smile no the one he gave most people. This one made you feel special.
"I have a secret-Da?"
"Okay?" You two were the only ones in the house and you wondered why he was whispering, but it made heat spread across your body. He leaned his head down next to your ear and whispered, "я тебя люблю." He drew away and gazed into your bright (e/c) eyes, his purple ones engulfed your mind. Had he really said that? He'd said he loved you. Why weren't you answering, "I love you too." And with that you put your hands into his soft blond hair and pulled down his head. His lips were soft and warm against yours and he tasted like mint and chocolate. The kiss grew deeper and his hands moved from the counter and onto your hips massaging the skin there. Suddenly without warning Ivan picks you up and sits you down on the counter. You let out a surprised gasp and notice your now at eye level with the tall man. You have only a few moments to register this before he's kissing you again. The world turns into a kaleidoscope of pleasure as his hands move up and down your back and arms. Some minutes later you break apart breathing heavily your hands still in his hair, his at the small of your back.
"I've wanted to do that for two years," you laugh and he gives you a smile that twists your heart with happiness. You put your hand to his cheek and he moves his face deeper into your palm and sighs with pleasure. A noise by the doorway draws your attention and you realize there is a girl standing there. A beautiful girl with long blond hair, wearing a maids dress, and she appears to be in a murderous rage.
"Oh-uh-H-hello," you say embarrassed by the position you're in. Ivan's face turns pale as he turns around.
"Natalia what are you doing here?!" His voice quivers and you can tell he's scared of this girl. You remember him telling you he had a sister named Natalia this must be her, "Hello you must be Ivan's sister, I'm ____." The girl looks at you angrily then turns on Ivan who has turned to face her.
"What are you doing with this girl big brother? Why were you kissing her when you know we are going to become one?"
"Natalia go away and please leave me and my girlfriend alone," his voice still reflects his fear. You'd never seen him scared before and it scared you too.
"If you won't get away from her then I'll just have to take her away." Natalia sprang at the Russian throwing him off guard. She aimed for his left temple and he fell like a sack of rocks to the ground. Then she turns on you, "You are going to regret ever meeting my брат." She grapes you by the hair and drags you out of the house and into a dark car. Your screams reach no one. Suddenly a cloth is shoved against your mouth and nose and you can't help but gasp in the sweet chemical. The world goes black once more.
And Natalia arrives and ruins everyone's lives

Part 2! i know it's been a while but i'm swamped with homework so the next part might not be up until next week

Hope you like it. Please comment!!!!!

I don't own Hetalia or you

Pat 1 [link]
part 2: here you are
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