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July 7, 2012
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The sunlight streamed through the curtains and onto your sleeping face. You groaned as the light invaded your dreaming mind. Groggily you opened your eyes to the new day. You turned over noticing that Lovino was no longer there.

You sat up and stretched. Lovino must have already left for work. You stood up with a tired yawn and got dressed in a black t-shirt and blue jeans. You walked into your bathroom and brushed your teeth and washed your face.

You noticed Lovino's discarded boxers on the floor and picked them up for him. You knew he was having a tough time at work and didn't want to add to his stress by yelling at him about being a slob.

You see your long time boyfriend was a mobster. In fact he was the head of the Italian Mafia. Luckily being the head he was safer than his underlings but you still worried about him all the time.

The worst was when he would come home covered in blood or covered in wounds. Once he came home with a bullet hole in his right shoulder. After dating for a year he had reveled to you his job and insisted you moved in with him, saying he could protect you better that way

Along with moving in with him he had you take martial arts classes as well as learn how to shoot a gun. By now you could be a better mobster than most of Lovino's employees, not that he would ever let that happen.

No instead of being a mobster your worked as a (preferred job) and you loved being one. You walked down the stairs of the two story house to the kitchen. You decided that pancakes sounded like a delectable breakfast and got to work.

***Time Skip to the Afternoon***

You had the day off of work and were just lazing around the house waiting for your boyfriend to come home. The two of you had a date tonight at a fancy restaurant and to be honest you were hoping he would pop the question soon.

The door opened and you hopped off the couch to greet Lovino.
"Hey baby, how was work?"
"I didn't die so fine i guess."

You kissed him sweetly on the lips as he headed upstairs to get changed out of his suit.
"Don't forget about diner tonight!"
"Yeah, yeah i know ragazza. Calm down."

You smiled at his retreating back and went back to the TV. You sat down on the couch and heard the shower start. He seemed to have had a long day, you should comfort him. You needed a shower too anyway. You might as well join him right?

You grinned and climbed up the stairs to the bathroom.

***Time Skip***

The hair dryer was loud as you tried to dry your wet hair. The towel around your body was loose again and you sighed and tightened it. After your hair was at least semi-dry you walked back into your bedroom and into the closet.

You looked through your cloths and found a cute dress to wear that night. It was red and had a sweetheart cut, showing off your chest without being too revealing. The dress reached your ankles but was shorter in the front then in the back. The front only reached your knees.

When the dress was on your walked back into the bathroom to finish your hair and make up. Lovino was downstairs, probably eating pizza, still wearing his towel. He walked back up to the room the pizza still dangling from his mouth.

You could see him in the mirror as he finished his pizza and changed into black pants and a white under shirt with a black vest over it. Over the vest he pulled on a white jacket and started to tie a black tie around his neck.

He was cussing at it under his breath as he struggled with the cloth. You giggled and walked over to him. You grabbed the tie and tied it for him. When you finished you gave it a tug pulling his lips to yours in a quick kiss.

When you were going to pull away Lovino grabbed your hips and pulled you closer deepening the kiss. You gave in and ran your fingers through his brown hair. You grabbed his curl and heard him growl under his breath.

You smirked and pulled way and walked back to the bathroom.
"Tease," Lovino muttered under his breath. You stuck your tongue out at him
"Hey Lovi you should go wash your mouth."

He walked over to the mirror and cursed again. You had been wearing bright red lipstick when you kissed him and now it was all over his face. He walked over to the sink and grabbed a rang to scrub his face with.

***Time Skip***

As you were walking hand in hand with Lovino to the restaurant, which was only a few blocks away, he seemed nervous. This had been constant when you were first dating, he was always scared one of his enemies would ambush him and kill you, but he had gotten calmer over the past three years.

"Hey Lovi calm down it's fine. You have your gun don't you?"
"Yeah of course i have it i'm not and idiot." Oh great he was PMSing again. You rolled your eyes.
"Well then we're safe."
"yeah i'm not nervous because of that."

"What was that? I couldn't hear you."
"Nothing, lets just keep going." You shrugged and kept walking with the moody Italian. You kissed his cheek hoping to cheer him up.

He blushed and turned away. You grinned knowing he liked it when you did that. You reached the restaurant and Lovino asked for your reservations. A hostess lead you to a booth in the back of the room.

Lovino always liked sitting in the back corner where he could see the rest of the room, constantly looking for trouble, but again he looked nervous. You decided not to comment on it this time, he would just get pissy about it.

You ordered (food that you want right now) while Lovino, predictably, ordered pizza. You chatted with the nervous Italian while waiting for your food. He kept glancing away and drinking a dangerous amount of wine.

You raised your eyebrow but again let it go. When the food arrived you ate in comfortable silence. Lovino only ate half his pizza before saying he was full. This was strange he would normally eat an entire pizza by himself, let alone one slice.

"Hey are you okay?"
"I'm fine."

You finished your food and the waiter brought out gelato for you and Lovino. You ate it happily as did Lovino. When you were finished Lovino walked over to your side of the table. You once again looked at him eyebrows raised in a question.

Then he tripped and fell onto one knee, wait maybe he didn't trip... but that means!
"______ _______ ti amo! I love you so much and you love me despite my anger and other flaws and my job. Will you marry me? Please?"

You had never heard Lovino say the word please and the pleading look in his eyes made you smile.
"Of course i'll marry you silly." He sighed and slipped the diamond ring onto your left hand. You pulled him up into a loving kiss as the other people in the restaurant cheered.

As you walked back to your house you were leaning on Lovino's side and holding his arm.
"We're getting married!" Lovino smiled, a rare occurrence, and nodded happily.
"Thank you for loving me ____."
"Thank you for loving me Lovino."

He stopped you in the middle of the sidewalk and pulled you into another kiss. The street light burned overhead casting a pale light over your connected bodies. You put your hands around his neck and rubbed the skin there while his rubbed your back.

You pulled apart and smiled at his, you had never been happier.
"I love you Lovino Vargas."
"Ti amo bella."

Once again you took his hand as you walked back to the home you shared with your now fiance.   
so this was a request from :iconsmidgeon16: she wanted a fluffy Romano x Reader and i wanted to do something where Romano was in the Mafia so i combined the two.

Hope it was good! :iconyayromanoplz:

Hetalia: :iconhimaruyaplz:
Story: me
picture: not me (yes i know his curl is wrong but he's so hot)
You: :iconsexyromano2plz:
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