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You cannot easily step foot in that "Mysterious Mansion" in your town.
Because if you anger its former occupant, you will not get away lightly...

The warmth of Italy's body was gone when you finally decided to open your eyes. A nights rest had done wonders for your aching body and you stretched in contentment. You turned your head to see Italy on his back staring at the ceiling.

His eyes were red and puffy and he didn't look to good.
"Hey Italy whats wrong? Didn't get any sleep"
"Hmmm...oh i did i was just scared because...of nightmares. But i just woke up and i had been crying in-a my sleep. I'm okay now though Ve~"
"Oh alright. Is Germany or Japan awake?"
"No but i think we should wake them up."

You rolled over to your other side and called out to Japan's sleeping form.
"Hey Japan, time to wake up." He didn't stir. You sighed, he hated it when people touched him but this was an emergency, you gently shook him by the shoulder and he bolted upright.

His sword was out of its sheath and against your neck. Your eyes widened in shock and you put your hands in the airs. Japan slowly figured out what was happening and lowered his sword.
"Sorry Czech. I do not rike being touched."
"I tried calling your name but you wouldn't get up. I'll let Germany wake you up next time."

Italy had woken Germany at this point and you stood.
"Hey vere is Prussia?" Oh yeah you had forgotten that the narcissistic nation had been keeping guard. You looked around the room but there was no sight of him. Under normal circumstances you would have assumed he had gotten bored and left but this was different.

He wouldn't have just left all of you alone in danger. The others looked worried too, except for Italy, he was looking down at his feet. You walked over and patted his back.
"Hey don't worry we'll find him." The sad country looked up and gave you a half smile.

"Hey there are brood stains in the harrway!" You and the others rushed over to where Japan was standing by the now open door. Sure enough there were red splotches on the wooden floor. They led toward the stairs leading to the third floor.

"Well what are we waiting for?"
"Ve need to eat first. Otherwise ve von't have enough strength to fight off the monster." You hated to admit it but he was right. Italy walked back over to the fireplace and took out a large pot from one of the drawers on the left side of the room along with some tomatoes.

"How did you know that was there?" It was kind of strange for there to be pots and food in this room.
"I saw them last night before bed. I figured i could make some pasta."

You shook your head and went over to the bookshelves. You looked through the many volumes but nothing really seemed to stand out. You sighed and heard a yelp from behind you. You turned and saw Japan covered in tomato sauce.

"What happened?" Italy was on the floor, the big pot still in hand, looking like he was about to cry.
"I-i tripped and spilled all the pasta on-a Japan." You walked over to Italy and threw your arms around his neck hugging him to your chest.
"It's alright. No one got hurt. We can just eat more rice balls okay?"

Italy looked up and you and nodded. Japan let out a sigh and went over to his bag. He pulled out fresh cloths and blushed.
"I can't walk around in tomato stained croths arr day. Would you turn around so i can change?" You nodded and faced toward the fireplace.

You could hear the nation changing and continued to stroke Italy's hair in comfort. Germany was standing next to the fire looking worried. You could tell he wanted to hurry up and find his brother.
"Hey Germany why don't you get out the rice balls so we can get going faster." He looked up and nodded, happy to do something, and went over to the self where you had set the beer and food.

He grabbed two rice balls for each person and handed them out. You heard Japan walk up behind you and then to the fire place. He threw in his red soaked cloths and took a bite of his rice ball.

Once you had all finished eating you packed up all of your stuff and set out. You followed the blood trail up the steps and into the piano room. The blood stops just short of the piano and you all groan.

A dead end.
"We don't want to lose anyone else so lets-a go back."
"Ja there is something i still need to vork on in another room." You still wanted to look for your missing companion and Japan seemed to agree with you.

"How about you two go back to whatever room you need to work in and Japan and myself will continue to search?"
All heads nodded and you smiled, "So which room did you need to go to Germany?"
"It's the room Japan found me in vhen i vas hinding ze first time."

Japan nods and the other two men head out the door. You look around and scratch your head.
"So where should we start?"
"I don't know maybe-"

Three loud shots rang through the house silencing Japan. You both stood there staring at each other even after the noise was gone.
"What was that? It sounded like it came from the first floor but Italy and Germany are on the second."

Japan nodded and ran off through the door. You ran after him following him back down the steps where he stopped to listen. You could hear talking from somewhere below you and Japan once again ran off. This time he ran into a bedroom and pulled back the bed.

Another hole was beneath it leading to the first floor kitchen. Through it you could see Russia, Canada's faint outline, China, and England. All of them were facing off with the monster and none looked to be in good shape.

Russia was panting and Canada was lying on his back. The thing was moving towards England when Japan jumped through the hole and cut a gash in the monsters forearm. This distracted it from the others and focused its attention on him.

You groaned and jumped through the hole as well, sais in hand, and stabbed the things other arm to keep yourself from falling to hard to the floor. You pulled the weapon out of the monster and landed next to Japan.
"Hey guys whats up?"

Your chipper tone was in complete contrast to their scared faces. Japan yelled at the monster, angry as you had ever seen the guy.
"I won't ret you ray a hand on my friends!"

"What?! J-Japan? Czech?" England seemed utterly surprised to see the pair of you and you waved with one hand at him.
"Now everyone is together. However I'rr ask you to wait a rittle before we can talk."
"So you guys did come here aru!"

"You bet your chopsticks we did!"
"You are arr right i suppose? Excuse me while i dear with this Thing then."
"But it's awfully strong," Canada whispered

"We'll help?" Russia didn't seem to sure of his offer and was far to worn out to do any good.
"No need to worry Czech and i can take care of it. Allow us to pay it back in kind for the injuries you sustained."

With that you and Japan ran at the beast and began your attack once again. He was defeated easier than last time but you were still sweating when the thing vanished.
"Wow it looks just like Canada now," Russia muttered in his childlike tone.

Canada looked irked by the statement and muttered back, "Just say it disappeared will you."
"That wasn't your first time fighting that was it?" England stood up from the ground and dusted off his pants.
"What? What are you talrking about? You fought it before too, haven't you? You got here first after arr."
"We haven't been here for even an hour. And you...weren't supposed to be here yet aru."

Both you and Japan eyed China in confusion. They had definitely left the meeting before your ground and the walk to the mansion took at least three hours. What he was saying didn't make any sense.
"That's true, when you put it that way. I mean, China sent Japan a message and Japan replied from the meeting place da?"
"Yes and then Itary started saying that he wanted to come too so Germany, Prussia, Czech, and i came with him...but.."

"What? But it takes three hours to come here from the meeting place. We really have been here for only about an hour. Don't you think that's a little odd eh?"
"Well it seems like something stranger is happening here."
"There are many things we need to tark about. First of arr ret's go to the second floor. I know a safe room there.
"W-wait a minute! What about this then aru? What's with these cloths of yours? They're covered in blood." You couldn't help but giggle as you remembered the scene from before.

"Oh Those are the croths that i threw into the fireplace. Why do you have them?"
"I found them when i went to that room. Aren't you hurt?" You couldn't help it anymore you laughed and told China the truth.
"It's tomato sauce not blood don't worry."
"I'm fine not hurt at all. Now ret's join Germany and Itary and i'rr explain the situation to you."

The Allies and yourself went to the safe room while Japan went to fetch Germany and Italy from the bedroom. You were last to walk into the room and you once again sank down in a chair. You rubbed at your temples trying to fend off the coming headache.

The other countries were talking among themselves but you didn't really catch any of their conversation. After a minute of two you heard the door rattle and in walked the Axis powers. Italy ran over to you and sat in the seat next to you, he then proceeded to babble in your ear without you really paying attention.

Japan made sure to lock the door and then he walked to the front of the table, facing away from the door, and coughed to get everyone's attention.
"Sorry for making you wait, Now, without further ado, i'rr explain out situation." He spend a good fifteen minutes explaining all that had happened to our group over the past day, only with a few interruptions. Halfway through the speech Italy got up to stand next to Germany by the fire place and asked to burn a box, which Germany agreed to.

Japan spoke his last words of the speech and then took a breath, "Though i thought for sure America and France would be here too."
"Yeah the six of us came here on America's suggestion and split into two groups. China, France, and I went to check out the second floor, while America, Russia, and Canada looked around the first floor."

"We had bad feeling while we were on the second floor, so Opium1 and I went to check out the third and fourth floor aru. When we finished looking and came down to the second floor France was gone and i found Japan's burnt cloths in this room, and i wondered what had happened."

"We came back to the first floor and found Russia and Canada fighting that Thing. That bastard disappeared the first chance he got."
"Rearry? I vaguely noticed it when i was fighting it, but doesn't that strange creature.."
"It resembles a friend of America's doesn't it?" Germany had spoken for the first time the whole meeting and everyone turned to look at him.

Now you were confused, you knew America -visited him sometimes-, and you had met Tony but the thing you were fighting was far to large and ape like to be him.
"That's right! I noticed it the moment i saw it aru! That's definitely it!'s name was.."
"To-Tommy vasn't is?"
"Yeah that was definitely its name. They look identical. Don't you think this was America's doing? He's the one who heard the rumors about this place and asked us to come here after all."

You figured you might as well speak up, "Guys that wasn't Tony. Tonys only like 3 feet tall and has a slim body. That thing out there is like nine feet tall!" No one seemed to listen to what you were saying and continued on in there conversation. Canada heard you, you saw him nod him head in agreement with your words.

"I see!! So this is-a just some prank of America's that got too far! Well in that case there's nothing else to say! Let's-a just look for America!"
"Guys!" you tried to get their attention but they still weren't listening. Canada tried to help you out.

"You're mistaken."
"Like Czech said that's not Tony."
"When we were talking about going through the first floor that thing appeared too. But the moment i saw it i realized it was that friend that America had introduced to us before da?"

"Y-yes. Are we mistaken? We concluded that it was America's friend and fert more at ease in our search..." You were still pouting from no one listening to you and figured you'd let Canada speak in your place.
"I live close to America and I've met Tony several times. I suppose they do look alike. But even so..he would never attack America."

"Attack? What it attacked him aru?"
"It was only one hit. America was thrown against the wall but he was still conscious somehow and started shooting at it. It had no effect at all though" Oh so that's what you had head before with Japan.    

"We thought it was America's friend at first but when it suddenly attacked America and America seemed to fight back for real.. we realized that we were probably wrong." So Russia had been in agreement with you as well, stupid man should have spoken up sooner no one would interrupt or ignore him."We had no idea what to do. He was getting cornered and when we tried to do something about it he yelled for us to get away."

"I think he..wanted to handle it all one his own eh? But it was too strong even for the three of us so we decided to get the thing away from America. I couldn't fight though. I lowered my guard for one moment and was knocked out. When i came to both the creature and America were gone. I'm sorry Russia for all the trouble i gave you."

"No you weren't a burden at all! It's pretty hard to fight while you protect someone. But if you want to thank me, why don't you become one with Russia? Da? Anyway we wanted to help him but we didn't know where he'd gone. We decided we might as well start looking in the kitchen and then the thing appeared again and China and England joined us. In other words three people are missing I think we should help them as soon as possible. We should expect the worst."

Everyone looked saddened by Russia's last words. Italy had walked back toward the fireplace while Russia was talking and looked to be poking the fire with a pole.
"Oh!" The loud noise from the Italian made everyone jump and turn towards him.

"Vhat's the matter?"
"There's something inside-a the burnt wooden box! Just a second Um.."
"Careful Italy."
"Uh-huh oops-ow hot!" You sighed, of course he burnt himself but he grabbed something out of the fire and dropped it on the floor to cool."

"It's-a key It's-a key to some room!"
"Finding a way out was our priority, but first we have to think of a way to rescue our friends. If we are thorough in our search i'm sure we'rr find them. Those three are also tenacious people. They've got to be somewhere"

"Friends huh? Sounds interesting da? I was caught by surprise before but next time i meet the Thing i'll have a lot to thank it for." Russia's evil aura started to grow and you shivered, thankful it wasn't you he was mad at.

"Let's hurry. I don't want anyone dropping out."
"England no ones going to drop out. We are all missing one of our friends or allies, and want them back."
"Werr then we'rr split into three groups since we have so much to do. And no one can go arone. Each group should have at reast two people."
"Si there are too many rooms. There are rooms we can't open, rooms we have keys for, and ones we haven't-a checked out yet."

"Hai. Now about out synchronized watched..." A loud banging came from the locked door and everyone jumped and a few gasped. Italy of course yelled.
"Eek!! Czech!!" He ran over to you and jumped into your lap on the chair, burring his head in you neck. You blushed and once again tried to comfort him. You thought you heard him mutter something about not making a mistake again but brushed it off.

"So it found us after arr. This room is no ronger safe." The room shook as the monster pounded on the walls.
"Was it ever off limits? Bloody hell! What are we going to do?"
"My group wirr be in charge of dealing with the Thing. Germany, Italy, and Czech you will search for the room to open with that key."

Your new group nodded and Germany moved to stand next to you and Italy. You whispered to Italy that you would have to run soon and that he needed to stand up. He sniffled but complied. You thought he had been crying but he looked fine, barley even scared.

"Then I'll fight with Japan aru!"
"I will join you da? I really have to thank it for all the trouble" Once again the purple surrounding him grew darker.

"There's a room that i want to investigate with Canada, so that's where we're heading. Italy if you make any progress come to the room with the piano."
"Okay! Be careful Japan."

Japan nodded just as the door exploded in on itself. It walked in the huge beast. It walked right behind Japan and he pulled out his sword.The nation smiled slightly, "Well then everyone, good ruck." He jumped to the other side of the monster and hit it hard throwing it back toward the left wall.

"Now!!' The black haired nation yelled and everyone sprang into action. You grabbed Italy's hand and ran with him out the now shattered door. Germany was right behind you. You saw one last glimpse of Japan swinging at the monster before turning around.

You silently prayed for their safety and continued to run.
part 3! :iconyayitalyplz: ugg i hate all of the dialogue but it's so important! so that hole Tomato on Japan's cloths thing was never actually explained in the game so i came up with my own reason, hope it was a good one.

1. I believe that China calls England "Opium" is because of the opium wars between the two countries. But I'm not sure (but i like it as a nickname for England)

Hetalia: :iconhimaruyaplz:
Hetaoni: i don't know
Story: me
Picture: *shrug*
You: :iconsexyitalyplz:

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