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You whipped you head in either direction but there was no sign of the three missing countries. You were worried and wanted to go search for Italy but there were more pressing matters at hand. You were surrounded by creatures once again. This time they weren't targeting one thing but had gone for each individual. At the moment another flying one was zooming towards your face. I looked like finding Feli would have to wait.

*Time Skip*

It took a considerable amount of teamwork and energy but at last you had defeated the last monster. It vanished along with the other and you could only hope it was truly dead. Everyone congregated in the middle of the room, sweat dripping and hearts racing, as you looked one another over for injuries.

No one was too out of shape, a few gashes, but nothing that wouldn't heal. England cleared his throat and wet his lips to speak.
"Italy's journal made a lot of them disappear and yet that was still tough. Well done Italy-"
"Italy? Hey, he's...he's gone...isn't he?"
"..?! West is gone too!"
"And...America too."  

You looked around the circle, sure enough America was no where to be seen. You felt a little guilty for not noticing sooner but it seemed the others hadn't figured out what had happened either.
"So Ita, Germany, and America are gone? They're the ones who were close to the journal right?"
"There were so many enemies that I didn't notice, I'm sorry. We were supposed to run away the moment we secured an exit.."
"Do you think they're gone? Because of the journal?"
" in...dead?"

A sudden fear gripped you heart, that thought had never occurred to you. They couldn't be dead!
"No they can't be!"
"I'll look for them. But...i don't know vhere to start.."

The tense silence that followed was broken by the loud ringing of a phone. Japan jumped and took out his phone to answer the call.
"This is Japan." Japan's normally calm face turned shocked at whoever was on the other end and you watched him with nervous anticipation, wondering who could make Japan react in such a way.

"Oh you...Rong time no see. What is wrong?....I'm sorry? W-werr you may not care, Korea, but..uh?" Ohh so it was Korea, one of Japan's brothers, no wonder he seemed so surprised.
"Pfft Japan! Korea just called because he was worries about you! You didn't call him so he got tired of waiting aru!"
"Oh is that so?"

The conversation between Japan and Korea lasted a while and it turned out there was a part of the house you had yet to discover. The countries outside had seen it but those inside had yet to find the door. Now you had a mission, find the door to the annexe. At least it was something to take your mind off of Italy...well it gave you a better reason to search for him.

You could never get him off your mind for long, and soon you were worrying again. Once again you split into groups to go search for the door and you ended up with Japan, Prussia, and Romano. It was a strange combination and seemed to you like trying to hard for normality. Normally you would be with Germany and Italy but now you had their brothers, the four were completely different.

The others seemed a little awkward about it as well, with the exception of Prussia who never found things awkward, but soon you were on your way to look for a hidden door.

*Time Skip*

You had no luck on any of the floors above and were now working your way around the first floor. The others were in the basement looking through the many rooms there. You still hadn't caught any sign of Italy, Germany, or America. You were starting to believe they weren't in the house. But then where could they be?

You refused to think they were dead, you couldn't think that if you wanted to be of any help to the others. You let out another sigh as you traced the wall with your hands, looking for any abnormality in the paper covering the wood. Nothing.

You had just finished the kitchen and were about to start on the Japanese style room. The doors were paper and you had to be careful not to tear a hole in any of them. You were patting down the far left wall when you heard Romano yell in triumph.
"There is a door here!"

And sure enough after you ripped down the wall paper a solid door stood in its place. You all stared at the door in silence.
"We wirr find your brothers."
"Huh? I ain't vorried about West!"
"Yeah why would i be w-worried about my little brother..."

The silence grew heavy and you were the first to break it.
"Well what are we waiting for? Let's see what's behind this door."
You were about to open the black door when a pop of sound and a bright light stopped you. When you could see again Italy, Germany, and America were standing to your left.

You just stared at the new arrivals for a minute before running into Feli's arms. You kissed his neck and buried your head into his shoulder with a happy sigh.
"You guys are okay!"
America seemed to be boiling with anger and taking it out on the nearest wall. His fists connected and then went through the hard plaster. The others were trying to calm him down while Feli kissed the top of your head and rapidly explained how he had been teleported to the past and had found the journal to get back. He also explained that America had just seen the other England about to die and could do nothing to help him.

"Oh and Japan i remembered something else."
"There-a was someone else who could rewind time. It's England."

America's hands were starting to bleed but he just continued to rant about England and cutting something off. It took everyone to calm America down and Italy explained to the others where they had gone and then it was Japan's turn to explain what had happened here. You bandaged America's hands and he went to sulk in a corner while the rest of you talked.

Italy seemed to not know about the Annex, or maybe he had just forgotten, but he wanted your now group of seven to all go down together. But Japan insisted it be his original group of four. Italy watched worriedly from the top of the steps as you and the others descended down the steps you had found behind the door.

All room you found yourself in was foggy and smelled like rotting meat. Gagging you pulled your shirt over your nose to filter the air as best you could and squinted your eyes to see better. The room was tiny but it looked like there was more to it through a dark opening.

A sparkle of light caught your eye through the mist and you picked the object up. The round stone shaped thing was warm but made a wave of sadness wash over you. You held back the sob and stuck the rock into your pocket for safe keeping. You figured such a strange thing would be of some use.

With the three boys behind you, you led the way into the dark opening you had seen earlier. After going through two other doors you came to a small room with only a table and a small switch box inside. Prussia walked over to the switch box and examined its controls.

You looked around the table and found another strange lump of heat and put it next to the other one in your now heavy pocket. When you found nothing else of interest in the that room you went on to the last room in the Annex. It was a small library with tables scattered with letters and loose papers. You began to scan the books looking for anything that caught your eye.

You grew bored of straining you eyes against the fog but did manage to find another lump of stone to place in your pocket. You were ready to leave this smelly place when Japan found another door. Through it was another small office room with a few bookshelves and yet another warm rock.

You called the others over so they could see the rocks you had been finding.
"Zhis is a dead end. So, vhat the hell are zhese sparkling zhings you've been finding on the floor?"
"They don't rook very harmful. See, we can even touch them."
"Wait, is that really safe? I mean haven't you picked up too many of those now?"
"They're warm but they make me sad. Should we keep them?"

A loud banging came form the other room and you turned your heard towards the door.
"What now!"
"I knew it would come after us.."
"So they aren't dead...damn."

Your heart was pumping in rhythm with the bangs from outside the door and you took your cue from Japan, who had just puled out his sword, and lifted your sais from your sides. You had just gotten them out when the door opened and a huge monster was in front of you.

Prussia was the first to lunge at the creature, claiming he could take it himself, when his sword broke in half against the monster's skin. He stood there and gawked at his now broken weapon,
"It broke. My awesome sword broke."
"Okay stand back."

Romano pointed his Tommy Gun and pulled the trigger. A dull clicking noise came from the gun but no bullets.
"Damn it's jammed!"
"Get out of the way-"
The thing lunged and Romano jumped back just in time to avoid getting his stomach torn open.

"W-watch out! What the hell, it got fast. And it tore my cloths!" Prussia was still crying over his sword and Romano was trying to rapidly fix his gun.
"Excuse me! You're in the way! You're going to get hit aaarrgggh!" The claws of the monster were slicing through the air towards your face and your sia's had fallen when you had tried helping Romano with his gun, a stupid decision on your part, and you gulped.

You squeezed your eyes shut and waited for the pain. A bright light flashed before you and your thought it was death but voices soon floated around your head. They were the voices of all the nations, and then arms were around your waist and Feli was jabbering in your ear about how worried he was.

You inched your eyes open and saw you were in your safe room above the second floor. You gaped and looked to where England was standing in front of a circle of light.
"Did you...teleport us here?"
"Yes you see i was searching the fourth floor and found some lumps of magic. I assume my past selves left them. And now i have more of my magic back. Italy was worried you wouldn't come back, and America is sulking about something."
"I'm not sulking!"

America and England started to fight and you finally regained enough composure to turn around and return Italy's hug. You kissed him softly on the lips and thanked him for having England bring you back. You knew if he hadn't you would be dead, and Italy would have to go back again.

Italy recommended America take a bath to calm down and Germany requested the same of Italy. They both agreed and headed off to bath. Germany recounted his experiences in the past and you went to go find something to eat. It felt like years since you'd had a good meal. You found a plate of pasta sitting on the counter and started to eat.

Germany left to take a bath as well and Japan thanked England for his good timing in teleporting us. That's when you remembered what England had said about lumps of magic. Was that what you had found? You walked over to England and pulled one out.
"Do you know what this is England?"
"What have you got there!? Those are lumps of magic! And so many, i'll have quite a bit more power now."

He took the stones and they seemed to absorb into his hands. When he had taken all of them he looked much less tired and happier. He pointed his fingers out in front of him, recited some strange words, and suddenly the room was clean and dust free. It was amazing and you clapped for him, suddenly in a good mood yourself.

"So what are we going to do now?"
"America seems to be having a hard time so i guess we should go this time? What happened to your sword Prussia?"
"It broke. It must've been from using it all zhe time in battle..Vhat am i gonna do now? I can't fight barehanded!"
"Oh that reminds me, my bullets weren't coming out wither! Potato-oh right he's in the bath..."
"Ahh so zhat vas really West's? Let me see it. I'll fix it for you.
"This is very troublesome. However, we have arso gone through a continuous series of battres. Why don't we break until those three come out of the bathroom?"

"Oh hey that reminds me. Thanks to the journal a lot of monsters were gone, but where did they go?"
"What? Well is those three wound up in the past, then obviously the enemies also-Oh."
"Crap that's really bad. What are we going to do?"

You walked over to a corner to think about it. Would it really matter? They died in that time loop anyway. As long as either Italy or England survives they would still be able to go back in time. But if both died in a past time loop....your time loop would cease to exist.

You chewed the thought over in your mind until you had a painful headache. You decided to think about it later with the others and take a quick nap while waiting for the boys to finish their baths.

*Time Skip*

It turns out the others let you sleep through their meeting, no one had the heart to wake you, and Italy recapped when he woke you up. Everyone decided to split into two groups one to revisit the Annex and one to go into the past and kill of any lingering enemies. Going to the past was China, France, Russia, and Canada. England transported them into the past with the journal that would give them a way back leaving the rest of you behind.

"Werr those getting their weapons fixed and those from the past should stay too, you as werr Czech, you stirr need to recover from nearly being kirred."
"I'll go to the Annex."
"Wait! I'll go with-a England and America and Japan you can stay here!"
"Are you strong enough?"
"Then i guess it will just be the three-"
"Wait i would like to go too, i just took a nap and have my energy up. And one extra person can be nothing but helpful."
"...Okay then the four of us."

You sighed and nodded, you didn't want Italy going alone, he really still was too weak. You took his hand and he kissed the top of yours. Soon your group of four was headed back down into that smelly dark room and you shivered. This place really scared you, mostly because you couldn't see much.

You knew it was likely the monster was still here and that put you all even more on edge. With one hand you were holding Italy's and in the other was one sai. You can across a few more clumps of magic and England absorbed each one happily while this seemed to make America more depressed.

You hadn't caught sign of the monster anywhere in the Annex and you were starting to relax.
"Hmmm. You know i really don't know if we've ever been here before or if i've-a just forgotten about it."
"It can't be just this. I'll take another look in that other room. Czech will you come with me?"
"Sure thing England."

You walked with England into the small office room to take a closer look around. You started with the wall next to the door while England started with the book shelves.
"So Czech. Why is it that America won't talk to me?"
"When he was in the past he saw you die, give up your life to save Him, Italy, and Germany. I think he feels bad he wasn't the hero for you and that he was part of the reason you were killed."
"That's ridiculous! Of course i was going to help him!"
"I know he just feels responsible for your death."

You lapsed into a comfortable silence while you searched for anything in the room but you still hadn't come up with anything. England huffed and gave up. You walked with him back out into the library where it seemed you'd interrupted an important conversation. You frowned but England didn't seem to notice. America interrupted England,
"England I'm pretty confident in my skills and abilities. That's why i was able to grow up and come this far. Isn't that right?"

"That's why i won't accept it. Even though you were injured, you saved me and in the end you died...I'm the hero. If it's up to me..I'd rather be the one doing the saving. I'll prove it to you this time, i'll save you guys."

Just then the monster fell from the ceiling right in front of America and England. America shoved England out of the way and you were still standing next to Italy across the room watching. America took out his gun and started shooting it's forehead, but nothing happened, it started to advance.

"Watch out! What the hell are you doing you idiot!?"
"Oh Shi-"
Okay the next part will be up soon and it's the last part before the duel ending. For then there will be parts writen for both a happy and sad ending (i couldn't pick which idea i liked better)

Sorry it took so long to update but this first week of school was really busy. So i'll try to update more if i can but Calc 2 is a jerk

Hetalia: :iconhimaruyaplz:
HetaOni: whoever created it
Story: me
Picture: not sure
You: :iconsexyitalyplz:
next: [link]
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