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To the me....
To the me who lives at some point in time...
and isn't all alone-

A lump crawled up your throat and sat there, you couldn't breath, you couldn't move. Italy, Italy didn't know who you were! He was looking around to all of the countries shocked faces he didn't seem to recognize any of them. Your hand dropped from his and flew to your mouth.

It was taking all of your will power to keep the tears at bay. You wanted to hug him, make him remember some how, but you knew that would only scare him. So you sat there as Germany and Japan shooed the other countries away. Japan asked the confused Italy what he could remember and a look of sheer pain and terror crossed his eyes. He must have remembered the deaths.

You couldn't just sit here, Italy not knowing you, while he struggled to remember what happened in this house. Maybe it would be better if he didn't. Then he could be his happy-go-lucky self again. The rest of you could figure out a way to escape, right?

You shot to your feet and walked out of hearing, no one protested. They all understood the pain you were in. You sat in one of the wooden table chairs and rested your head on your crossed arms. You could smell the woody scent from the table and the lemon cleaner used on it.

All of this only barely registered in your mind, you were too consumed with thoughts of Italy. Hours passes as you sat there, tears streaming in silence, before Japan spoke.
"Itary is in the bath right. Romano is rooking after him."
"Um..Maybe he has...amnesia?"
"No it looked like something a little different"
"It is similar to what i was rike when we had just broken a crock."
"Hm? Vhat do you mean?"

"When we break a clock 'e gets a lot of strange memories and zhey get all mixed up."
"Hai. Itary also got so many memories that they pushed him to the rimit, both physicarry and mentarry. He got saturated with them. If any more memories pour in, he wirr only reject them."
"Reject? Reject what aru?"
"The memories themselves. That's how in usually is. But Italy still tired somehow and the line probably turned into dots."

"You mean his memories are all scattered about? s if he tires zhinking about zhem zhey will return in time?"
"Hai. The proof of that is that he immediately..if tentatively called my name."

The door to the bathroom opened and Romano and Italy stepped out into the mob of nations.
"Sorry to-a keep you waiting."
"Uh no, that was pretty quick. Are you feeling a little better now Italy?"
"Yes sir. I am-a sorry about all that. My head feels-a lot better and i am fine now." His smile was back but he looked a little confused still. Sometimes, seemingly without cause, his face would fall and he would look as though about to cry.

It turned out that Italy's memories were all jumbled so he was speaking as a little kid. He had recognized most of the other countries but he still didn't know who you were. He seemed to be avoiding your looks and shuffling away from you. It hurt so much to see him trying to get away form you, as if you were something scary.

You moved to the far back of the room to make him more comfortable and you could visibly see he give a sigh of relief. You closed your eyes as pain washed over you. It was soon decided that you would all wait for Italy's memory to return before asking him about this house and that he needed some more rest. His eyes were dropping as he answered simple questions and he looked unsteady on his feet.

Romano soon led him back to his bed to sleep. America thought it would be a good idea to go look for the key hole that broken metal piece you had found in the tunnel fit into, it had seemed important to Italy. You took the shard from your pocket, you had picked it up where it had fallen at Italy's feet during the fight, and rolled it around on your palm.

It was so small, how could it be so important? Your eyes were tired from holding back tears but you refused to let these men see you as weak, quite a few of them would give you side glances to see how you were handling the situation, you wanted them to know that you could be strong. In the end it was You, America, England, Japan, and Russia who would search the mansion while the others stayed behind.

Each room was the same, nothing more. You couldn't find a keyhole or any other shards of metal. America led the way back down into the basement and the rest followed. Heading back into the cell room you saw that wooden box again. Another wave of sadness hit you and once again you wanted to cry.

That's when you realized how depressed you had been acting. Since Italy had thrown you across the room away from him and the monster you had been nothing but a mess of sadness. You needed to get your act back together, for Italy. For everyone. They had all been throwing you worried glances, if they were busy worrying about you they were putting themselves in danger.

You took a deep breath and pushed all of the sad thoughts to the back of your mind. You could cry at night when it would hurt no one but yourself. Mustering up all of the acting skills you had gained over the centuries you put your normal smirk on your face, it's something you had learned from your oldest brother.

Smirk= confidence. You walked into the circle of nations who were standing just outside the cell. One of them had grabbed the wooden box and it now sat in the middle of the circle. You stared at it, where had it come from in the first place?

"Italy said there was "hope" in this box. What did he mean?" Russia prodded the box with the end of his facet pipe.
"If he was doing that for our sake.... he must have deliberately arranged "a hope to escape" when he locked us up in the cell."
"He also said that the box was empty. Maybe it was just a trick to lock us up?"
"But he must have had a way for us to all get out, he was planing on dying himself so he wouldn't be coming back to unlock it himself." This was one of the problems that had been glaring you in the face.

Italy hadn't known that Spain and Romano would show up, it had never happened before, so how had he planned for the nations to get out of that cell?
"It makes no sound when we shake it.."
"Hm? Wait a tick. This is a little odd."
"Odd? How so?"
"Oh, sorry. You probably won't get it, but this has some of my magic. What the hell?"
"Your magic? You mean this belongs to you?"
"No give me a minute. I can lift this spell."

The large burst of light engulfed the room and a small click sounded from the box. You lifted up the lid to look inside when a voice to your right made you jump away, and fling the lid open as well. A translucent body was standing in front of the door it's mouth moving.

The figure was very familiar, that of England, and he seemed to be trying to talk but only fragments of sound came out.
"...the...y" the others seemed as started as you but England looked really confused.

The ghost England continued to talk in those breathy fragmented words.
"What is this!? Why am i there?"
"Shush! He's saying something!"

" future self who is watching this. There is no time to explain much. If by chance Italy dies, find the journal. In return you'll get his memories as well as my life! Go back without fail! Go back in time! Sa....Italy...."

The figure vanished the same way it came, leaving you all standing there. No one spoke for a while, still taking in what had just happened. England was the first to speak.
"England? You were pretty worn out, what happened?"  
"Journar? Does that mean- wait a minute, What does that-"
"So that message to England in the future?" And he said something about going back in time of something like that right?"

While the others were trying to figure out what the other England had said, most of which you understood, you were trying to understand what he said about the journal. Yes, Italy carried his journal around with him all the time, it looked like a bible, but you thought he just wrote down events that had happened.

But if what the other England said was could give you his memories? You couldn't let Italy die again you had already seen it twice, each time a little of your heart was ripped out. So was it England who had gone back in time when Italy died? That only made sense he must have used his magic.

You looked back inside the box. There was a ticking clock and a small letter addressed to Italy. You picked up the letter and handed it to Japan, Italy probably wouldn't take it from you right now, and looked back at the clock.

"So should we break it?"
"Somehow i have a feeling that it is hiding the crue that Engrand just gave us. And we have to get the flow of time back to normal anyway. Czech will you do the honors?"
"Sure thing."

you removed one of your sais and stabbed it into the clock's face. The glass shattered around you, the world was soon to follow. Once again everything turned a rusty orange and you were no longer standing in the cell. This memory look kind of familiar yet different.

You were back to the scene of Italy fighting the huge monster in the second floor bedroom. This time Italy was in much worse condition. One of his arms were broken and he was bleeding badly from a head wound. There were more countries in the room this time but they all looked to tired out and had to many of their own injuries to be of much help.

Italy jumped and slashed the monster across the forehead with his white flag's end and fell to the ground as the monster vanished. You heard him whisper "it's weakness is it's ...forehead." before he closed his eyes. You wanted to run to him but a familiar voice stopped you.
"Czech?" You turned and saw Japan and America standing beside you, they looked slightly translucent. You saw a worn out Japan and America running to look at Italy, so these two were from your time loop.
"Hey guys."

"We need to help them!"
"We can't we are not actuarry here. We are only able to watch and risten. That is why we look so transparent." Italy was still just lying there breathing hard and looking around.

You could not see your other self, you must have already died, so it was not a surprise that this memory was unfamiliar to you. The outcome looked to be bad though.
"Oh no i can't die not now! Czech! I didn't save Czech! I can't go back now...i can't save her!" Tears started to roll down his cheeks and you chocked back you own sobs.

"I guess at the very least i-a will see her soon. Then .... i can .....apologize for not saving her. I hope... she will...forgive me. At least most of you are alive... only Czech. I wish i-a could go back to save her too, but i can't feel my body anymore. Thank God i became Ryuuzu otherwise none of you.....You don't know this but this is actually the second time we came here..the first time i-a wasn't useful at all...I got most of you back...but i'm it's my turn to fall. I couldn't find the clock....he got me first. I went back in time, you see i managed to get out of here. But i was the only one...who got out..i didn't want that i had to get you all out..."

France spoke up, rage in his voice, "You-you idiot! You didn't have to get us out! You had to get out with us!
"Q-quickly..let's carry Italy..Anyone? Is there anyone who can move?"
"Hey Germany....."
"Hold on Italy...Oh i know! I will make a place for you. The best place for you to rest at ease.."
"Really? Heheh then will you make lots of beds?..where everyone can rest? And then i'll peacefully rest between you and Japan with Czech by my side..."
"A biiig table too, i also want to a place..where we can all cook..."
"Yes definitely."
"Yes Italy?"
"I...i don't want to die here...I wanted to escape with all of you..with Czech...i loved her...and i couldn't...find the clock to save her....i'm-a so sorry...will she forgive me? Do you forgive me...i led you all here."
"Yes Italy...she loved you too..she'll forgive you....we all forgive you."
"Guten Nacht Germany, please...escape."

His eyes glazed over and his breathing stopped. You didn't want to believe it couldn't be!
"Italy? Italy....Italy! ITALY!!!" Germany was starting to hyperventilate and was shaking the now dead body of his friend. The others were just as shocked, Prussia took control with tear stained cheeks.

"Italy! Italy! Stop screwing around! Your eyes are open! Italy! Italy!" Tears were streaming down the strong countries face and landing on Italy's still open eyes, it looked as though Italy was crying as well.

You wanted to throw up, you didn't want to see this. He was alive! This is a different time loop! You had to continually remind yourself that Italy was not dead, he had lost his memories nothing more.
"Vest calm down! France please gimme a hand here."
"Italy's impossible..wait ..why.."

With the combined strength of Prussia and France, Germany was held back away from Italy's body. He was fighting them but half halfheartedly. He was still murmuring Italy's name and chocking on tears.
"Japan, let's leave. Your injuries are the worst- Japan?" Japan was standing there staring at Italy's body, tears streaming down his face as well. He would occasionally try and wipe them away but they would just continue.

"I'm's been a very rong time since i rost a friend..i don't to react. I feel sad but also angry and hopeless and empty..I don't know how i should feel. But i can't stop crying..."
"Japan let's leave. Besides it would only make things worse if they saw you like that..."

You, Japan, and America followed into the hallway. You tired not to look back but were staring to feel dizzy. You sank to the floor and rested your head between your knees to breath better. You listened to the conversation of the countries who couldn't see or hear you.

"You're kidding...right? Italy is- Wait a moment! How could such a thing-"
"Those voices coming from the room. Is that Germany and his brother? I guess we'd better not go in. They were...the closest to him."
"If only i had..gotten here sooner aru.."
"No i'm the one who made us split up! That- What's that book in your hand Canada?"
"Oh this? I found it in the library room. Er, actually it seems to be a journal.."

The book that Canada had in his hand was none other than Italy's journal. Japan and America noticed this too and pointed it out.

"Yeah and there's something..strange about it. It's on the first page. Here! Look at the name here."
"Italy Veneziano...It doesn't mean it;s the nae of the journal's owner. It kind of looks like this is a contract sign page. It says..."

The scene was torn from your vision and you were back in the cell room with the others. You gasped and held your head, the memories hurt so badly. You wanted, no you needed to see Italy. To see his face, to touch his skin.

You had to see him alive.  

"Japan, take the others outside! West is out of control!
oh look a new chapter! So what did you think?

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Story: me
Picture: not sure
You: :iconhappyitalyplz:

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