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(read description first please :D this story will have multiple ending so you pick who you end up with)

You adjusted the strap on your favorite bathing suit and looked in the mirror. (h/c) hair swept up into a high pony, (e/c) eyes with waterproof mascara, and your favorite (color) swimsuit on.

You were ready for the beach. Your friends had invited you out to the beach on their private island for the weekend and you had happily agreed. Why did they have a private beach you ask? Well because you were friends with the personifications of the countries.

And being countries they could get practically anything they wanted, including an island. OF course this island was off the map so no intruders would bother your little party. Another question has probably come to mind by now, how did i become friends with countries?

Good question, that would be because you are a country as well. The country of _______ in fact. The plane would leave in an hour and the airport was only thirty minutes away. You grabbed you favorite coverup and threw it over your head.

You made sure all of your bags were ready by the front door and waited for your ride, America, to pick you up. While waiting you sat on the computer checking the news around the world, making sure no political issues would get in the way.

A honk outside told you that America had arrived. You smiled and turned off your computer and grabbed your stuff. You threw it into the back of America, or Alfred's, huge car.
"Sup babe? Ready to go?"
"Yep." You jumped into the passenger seat and were off.

At the airport you loaded your luggage onto the conveyer belt and followed Alfred to a bench. You held your carry-on on your lap as Alfred played a hand held game. He would grunt and make cheering noises while he played and you couldn't help but laugh at him.

You saw a few other countries, England and France, and waved them over. England sat next to you and Frenchie sat next to him. You and England made mindless chitchat while waiting for your delayed flight to board.

Finally after another half an hour you heard your flight called over the loudspeaker.

On the plain you were forced to sit next to France, something you were slightly terrified of, and you had to take the window seat. You were now trapped between France and the wall.
"Ohoho looks like ____ is nervous of flying." It wasn't the flying you were scared of.

"If it will make you feel better i will hold your hand." He grabbed you hand and held it in his own. You tried to pull it away but his grip was vice like. You shuttered and tried to stare out the window.

When you were finally off the plane you sighed in relief, France hadn't let go of you hand the entire time. Now you were standing in front of a giant house in the middle of the island.

You all walked up and rang the door bell. The door creaked open and you could see half of Russia's face through the crack. The three men with you all took a step back but you were friends with the scary nation and just smiled.

"Hello Russia."
"Hello _____. Come in." He opened the door wider and let you and the others enter. The house seemed even bigger from the inside, and you couldn't help but gawk. Hungary came out from one of the doors and waved.
"Hey Russia can you show the guys to their rooms? I'll show ____ to her's" Russia nodded and you followed Hungary up the steps.

On the fourth and fifth floors were the girls rooms and yours was on the fourth. You opened the door and set your luggage down on the bed. Hungary left the room and you unpacked your stuff.

After you had finished you walked out onto the deck and stared out at the ocean. The sunlight on the water was beautiful and the waves looked inviting. You couldn't wait to go swimming.

You headed back downstairs and greeted everyone. They were all in their bathing suits and had their towels with them. Italy also had floaties on his arms, curtsey of Germany, and was running around happily.
"Hey____ are you-a ready to go swimming?"
"I sure am."

Your giant group headed down to the beach. The sand was hot but not horrible and the sun shone down making the air hot. It must have been in the upper 90's, the perfect weather for a swim. You picked out a spot next to the Nordics and laid out your large towel.

You took a bottle of suntan lotion out of your bag and began applying it to your skin. Of course you couldn't reach your back to put it on and you looked around for someone to help you. You spotted an angry Romano sitting on his towel with Spain bothering him.

"Hey Romano come here." The man looked over and grunted. He got up and walked over to you.
"What do you want?"
"Put suntan lotion on my back please i can't reach it."
"Why would i do that!?"

A small blush had come over his face but he took the bottle anyway and squirted the white lotion into his hands.
"Turn around idiot."

You complied and shivered when the cool lotion made contact with your back. When he had finished he whipped his hands on his pants and crossed his arms over his chest.
"Is that it?"
"Yep, unless you need help putting in on your back."
"No Spain already did."

He walked back over to his towel and sat down grumpily. You ran toward the water and jumped in. It was cool but not freezing and you swam over to where Italy was splashing and angry Germany.
"Nein! Zhat is not how you splash properly!"
"Your still training him even on vacation Germany?"

He looked to you and nodded. You took the chance and splashed the large man. He spluttered and looked at you.
"Was that the right way to splash Germany?" you laughed at his shocked expression and started to swim away.

You could hear him behind you stomping through the water trying to catch you.
"I vill show you the proper way to splash!" his voice was low and determined. You kept swimming until you bummed into something.

Make that someone.
"Kesese you could not stay away from the awesome me!" Prussia was standing there next to France and he grabbed you by the waist and pulled you out of the water and into the air.
"Hey put me down."
"Nein i don't vant to."

Germany had stopped and looked at his brother.
"Oh hey Vest vhats up?" Germany sighed and then grinned, which was terrifying. He then proceeded to make a tidal wave into you, Prussia, and France.

"Zhat is how you splash." He then tromped away proudly. You had fallen back into the water with Prussia still holding you. You were thrashing around but his grip was tight. He finally surfaced and you gasped for air.
"Are you okay ____? Do you need CPR?"
"No you idiot i do not."

You punched him in the stomach and he finally let go. You swam away as fast as you could but he was to busy holding his stomach to chase after you. On shore The Blatics and the Nordics were playing each other in volley ball. The Baltics, having only three, had been joined by Belarus and Ukraine to get even numbers.

You watched them play for a while but they seemed to be tied. You noticed Russia wasn't by either of his sisters and wondered where he had gone.
"You like volley ball da?"

You jumped at the voice behind you, speak of the devil, and turned around to face Russia.
"Yeah i like it, how about you?"
"Not really, i like to play pinata."
"Is that technically a game?"
"Well alright."

The large nation was still wearing his pale scarf and had Russian swim trunks on. He suddenly picked you up and placed you on his shoulders.
"Wahhhh what are you doing?"
"I also like to play chicken."

You saw America across from you with Canada on his head. Canada waved to you and America was shouting.
"We are so totally gonna win dudes."
"But you have to have someone of your shoulders to play da?"
"Russia, Canada's on his shoulders," you whispered in his ear.

"Ohh okay then. let us fight." America ran towards you and Russia and you flung out your arms. Canada's crashed into yours and you wrestled against him. Beneath you America and Russia were glaring at each other and Russia was "Kol"-ing. You figured now was a nice time to talk to the shy nation.

"Hey Canada how are you today?"
"Well Cuba beat me up because he thought i was America again but other than that it was pretty good."
You chatted with Canada for a while until you had become bored of the fight below you. You gave Canada an apologetic look.

"Sorry but I'm bored." You then put all your strength in your arms and pushed against his chest. He yelped and toppled over with America into the surf. Russia jumped up and down and cheered. You held onto his head to keep from falling and he picked you up and brought you into a hug.
"We did it ___ we beat the stupid American!"

You nodded and waited for him to let go. HE finally did and you could once again breath.

After hours in the sun you and the others had headed back to the house for diner, made by France and the Italy brothers, and then headed into the living room for a massive guitar hero battle.   

The day had produced many laughs and nothing political had come up. You were happily exhausted as you climbed the stairs back to your room. You were about to collapse onto your bed when you say a little slip of white paper on your pillow.

You picked it up but there was no name on it. Opening it you read,

Dear ______,
I've liked you for a while now but i didn't know how to tell you in person so i wrote you this note. I hope you like me too.
i wanted to take a break form my Hetaoni series for a day or two and i always love reading those multiple choice ones and decided to make one myself.

Tell me if i didn't add a character that you wanted and i will.
No ending will be up this week so you'll have to wait until next week. :iconyayrussiaplz:

Hetalia: :iconhimaruyaplz:
Story: me
You: you decide
Picture: not me

(look who got off her lazy butt to write a story)

Who is the note from?
Italy- [link]
Germany- [link]
England- [link]
America- [link]
Russia- [link]
Spain- [link]
Prussia- [link]
Sweden- [link]
Canada- [link]
Romano- [link]
Switzerland- [link]
France- [link]
Japan- [link]
Netherlands- [link]
Norway- [link]
Iceland- [link]
Denmark- [link]
Lithuania- [link]
Estonia- [link]
Latvia- [link]
Finland- [link]
China- [link]
Austria- [link]
Greece- [link]
Poland- [link]
Turkey- [link]

(They are all finished now)
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Too many endings!!!X.X Lyra(my OC)did it!
Sweetwhitetiger Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2015
i like ur story and i like all them but i love italy, germany, japan, finland and sweden <3 
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MetalBladez00940902 Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
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Vilabeth Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
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I'm so proud of you
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