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August 18, 2012
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The air was warm as it ran across your skin. Your hair danced in front of your face evading your taming hand. You huffed out a breath and continued down the long street. It was a Monday, you had work off, and had no plans. For the better part of the morning you had slept in and browsed the internet. Let's face it, you were bored out of your mind.

An idea had struck you, why not visit your boyfriend. Usually when you were going to visit you would call first and tell him you were on your way. Today was different. You wanted to pop in on him unexpectedly to see what he was up to when he didn't know you were coming.

Normally when you were over his house was in pristine condition, no dust anywhere, you wondered if he did this all the time or just when he had guests. This was a mission. You giggled at the thought of seeing his house a mess and him without doing his hair.

You and the German had been a couple for three months now and you still blushed when ever he looked at you with those bright blue eyes. One look from him and the rest of the world spun out around you in a haze. Ludwig was tall and muscular but was quite shy around woman.

He tried to be polite but sometimes his military training, he was a general in the army, would kick in. He always felt bad about yelling or ordering you around but you could tell he was still nervous around you even after all this time. He still hadn't gotten the nerve up to kiss you.

His house appeared over the rise and you felt your head thump as you approached. His hummer was in the driveway and a thin line of smoke was wafting from the chimney. The two story house must get lonely from the man. He lived with his older brother Gilbert but he was away with the military for six months.

You adjusted your shirt and knocked on the big black door. You heard a commotion inside as someone knocked something over as they were walking to the door. You giggled, you had never seen the big man as a klutz but who knows.

You could hear his booming voice through the door, "Italy is zhat you? I told you to stop dropping by unexpected again! Vhat if i vas here with (name), or not hear at all? Last time zhat happened you freaked out because you zhought i was captured by Arthur."

The door opened a crack and your German looked out. His stern demeanor quickly turned shocked when he saw it was you and not Italy. A light blush covered his cheeks and he coughed. You could only see his head and the top of his shoulder but he didn't open the door any further.

"Hallo (name) vhat brings you here?"
"Good morning Ludwig, i just wanted to pop by and have lunch. I got off work for the day."
"Oh,'m kind of busy right now but we could go to dinner later tonight."

That's when you noticed the top of his shoulders. You could see the straps of whatever he was wearing were frilly and pink. A shudder ran through your body as the worst scenario came to mind. Why would Ludwig be wearing something pink and with lace? He wouldn't be cheating on you would he? That seemed to be the only thing your mind could come up with to explain the straps.

You gulped and looked up into those blue eyes suspiciously.
"Ludwig, what are you wearing?"
"Vhat!? Nothing!"
"Can i come in please?"
"I'd rather you not."
"I don't vant to tell you."

So he was cheating on you. Your heart hurt at the thought, but you needed more proof. You had to see the girl he was with or you wouldn't be able to stand it. Why would such a kind man do something so horrible? How were you going to get through the door when this tank of a man was in your way.

You turned to leave and immediately spun around and pushed the door hard. You caught him off guard as he tumbled to the ground and rolled onto his hands and knees. Dude had good reflexes. You ran through the door and closed it behind you. Without a glance at Ludwig, who was yelling at you about barging in, you ran through the house and to his bedroom.   

Nothing. You let out a sigh of relief and suddenly felt very stupid. How had you jumped to such a drastic conclusion? Ludwig was a good man he wouldn't cheat on you. You turned to apologize and had to put your hand over your mouth to stop from bursting into laughter.

He was wearing a frilly pink apron with little flying cookies on it. Underneath he had on his black tank top, which the apron hid making it look like he had no shirt on, and dark blue jeans with green socks. His hair was lazily falling on his forehead and his face matched his apron.

You couldn't hold back anymore, you giggled and ran to hug him.
"You look adorable Ludwig! But why are you wearing that?"
"Vell...i vas....baking."
"You bake?"
"Ja but i don't let people know."
"Because baking is not manly."
"I find it very attractive."
"You do?"
"Yep, so what are you making right now?"
"Lunch. Vould you like to join me?"
"I would love too."

You followed him into the kitchen where ingredients and bowls littered the counter space. You smiled as you watched him cook. At first he seemed uncomfortable with someone watch him but he slowly relaxed at started to talk.

When the meal was finished, and the kitchen once again clean, you sat across from him at his round table with a plate of delicious smelling food in front of you. It tasted even better than it smelled. There was little talking during the meal, you didn't have time to talk you were too busy stuffing your face, but after the plates where cleared you sat in on his living room couch as he brought you a slice of chocolate cake and a mug of hot chocolate.

He had a beer for himself and his own cake and sat next to you on the couch. He flipped on the tv and turned it to the history channel. You scooted closer to him on the couch and rested your head against his muscled arm.

You set the clear plate and empty mug on the coffee table and took a blanket off the back of the couch. You threw it over you and Ludwig and snuggled closer.
"Sorry for bargain in like that earlier."
"You looked really upset, vhat vas the matter?"
"The way you were standing, i could only see your pink apron straps, it looked like you weren't wearing a shirt. And you wouldn't let me in....i thought you were cheating on me. I'm sorry!" You pushed your face into his arm so he couldn't see your embarrassment.

"I don't know why i thought that. You're a good man, you haven't even tried to kiss me so it was stupid to think you were sleeping with someone." Ludwig gently grabbed your chin and turned your face to look up at him, oh crap he looked sad a hurt.

"I'm really sorry for thinking that of you, i know you're better than that! It's just.... my last boyfriend did cheat on me so i'm scared of it happening again. Please say you forgive me." You looked into his eyes pleading and a small smile graced his lips.
"Of course i forgive you. I vould never hurt you like zhat, ich liebe dich (name)."
"Really?!" oh that sounded stupid, "I mean i love you too."

Ludwig chuckled and lowered his lips onto yours. You could taste the chocolate cake and beer on his tongue. You kissed  him deeper, running your hands through his hair, his hands were politely at your waist as he kissed you.

You broke away and giggled, "Now was that so hard."
"Nein. Let's do it again."

He wiggled his eyebrows and leaned his head down once again.   
this story is in celebration of getting 100+ watchers :iconyeahplz: i had a poll to see what kind of story you wanted and Germany got the most votes.

Thank you guys so much for reading all of my stories i love you all!

Hetalia: :iconhimaruyaplz:
Story: me
Picture: not me
You: :iconsexygermanyplz:
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