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May 26, 2012
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Hey y'all how's it hangin' (okay i don't actually talk like that) Well i wanted to let you know this is my first Canada x Reader so it might be a tad bumpy i still hope you like it. This is a request for both CatGwmen and totalhipster hope you both like it! No onto the story!
>        >       >        >        >          >       >        >        >        >

"Stupid America! How could Alfred say he loves me and then dump me seven days later!" You were grumbling to yourself again but you couldn't help it. Your stupid former boyfriend Alfred Jones had broken your heart and you wanted to tear out his.

You were surprised at how angry you were, normally you were pretty agreeable but if anyone got close to you now... well it wasn't safe. Alfred had been your boyfriend for nearly a year and a week ago he had told you he loved you.

Then this morning he called you and said he wanted to break up. When you had asked him why he said it was because you wouldn't sleep with him. You growled under your breath and punched a wall wishing it was Alfred's face.

You were going over to his house to give him a piece of your mind, or more accurately your fist. Now that the side of his house had a satisfying dent in it you walked up to the door and knocked harshly.

The door was opened and your ex-boyfriend stood in the doorway. You pulled your fist back and hit him hard in the stomach. He let out a pained gasp and you stopped, stunned, your hand midair. Instead of slapping him you stepped back and looked at him.

It wasn't Alfred. Oh he looked very like him but he had a double curl coming out of his hair and most obviously he wasn't obnoxiously talking about himself. When the man looked up at you his face was a lot softer than Alfred's had ever been.

Stunned you asked, "Who are you?" He let out a long sigh and stood up rubbing his stomach. "I'm Canada!" He said this like he was trying to be forceful but his voice was too soft to pull it off.

"I'm sorry i hit you i thought you were Alfred."

"Yeah well you're not the first. I'm his brother Matthew." You looked at him surprised.

"I was dating Alfred for nearly a year and i never knew he had a brother."

"Well he doesn't really talk aboot anyone but himself so that's not surprising."

"Well you're right there. Do you know where he is right now i need to...erm...tell him something."

"He left this morning with some blond girl. Said he was going to Vegas and might come back married. I thought the girl was his girlfriend but i guess not." You clenched you fists in anger. So he dumped you to go get married to some girl he just met? Wonderful.

"Would you like to come in?" At his soft voice you looked up and nodded with a small smile. The house was the same as always, if a little quieter, and Matthew led you to the large living room.

"Would you like some pancakes? I was making them before you arrived." You could smell them and your stomach grumbled hungrily.

"I'd love some. Do you have any maple syrup?"

"I'd never made pancakes if i didn't." His smile was warm and made him look even less like America. He went to the kitchen while you retreated to Alfred's room to get your stuff back. You had lent him some movies and a few video games and wanted them back.

While in his room you noticed a lacy bra on the ground. You angrily left and sat on the couch in a bad mood once again. So he had been cheating on you too. Wow you sure could pick em'. A plate of steaming pancakes covered in butter and syrup was set before you.

You looked up to see Matthews smiling face.

"Thank you. I punched you and you're still nice to me. You must be a saint." He laughed at this and sat down next to you with his own plate of pancakes.

"I'm used to getting beat up by people thinking I'm America so it's okay. While we eat I'd like to hear your story though."

"Only if you tell me yours as well."

"Deal." You both dug into the food and it was amazing. The pancakes were light and fluffy and the syrup was the real kind. You sighed in pleasure and told Matthew your story between bites.

"Wow he's even more of a jerk than i thought. When he gets back I'm going to give him a piece of my mind!" You laughed at his angry tone, the softness of his voice just took all intimidation out of his words.

"Don't worry about it. He was the wrong guy for me and I'm glad it's over," as you said the words you knew they were true and it felt like a weight was lifted off your shoulders.

"Now Matthew it's your turn." He told you about how everyone thought he was Alfred and would forget he was there. Even his little pet polar bear would forget who he was. It made you sad to hear his story and you swore to him that you would never forget him and that you would always be his friend,

"Really?" He looked stunned at your words.

"Of course i wouldn't lie to you. So don't you worry I'll help you and together we'll make everyone remember who Canada is." You both cheered and laughed.

"So Matthew are you and Alfred twins?"

"No he's my half brother. We have different dads."

"Really? but you two look so alike!"

"I know it's quite strange and no one really knows why." The conversation continued until late into the night. Around one in the morning you headed home thinking about your new friend.

***Time Skip 5 months***

You and Matthew were walking down the street together eating ice cream and laughing.

"Hey American! What are chu doing here!" A tall man with dark skin and tightly woven hair popped up in front of Matthew and started hitting him in the head. Matthew was trying to tell the large man that he wasn't America but he wouldn't listen.

You grabbed the big man's hands to stop his attack and he looked at you.
"Stop he's not America he's Canada so DON'T HIT HIM!"

He stopped and looked closer at the man he had been assaulting.

"Oh I'm sorry i thought chu were America. Are chu okay?"

"Yeah I'm fine," you grabbed Canada's hand and began to drag him away. The touch of his hand made your heart beat faster and your face grow warm. He quickly caught up to you but didn't let go of your hand.

"______ are you okay? You don't have a fever do you?"

"N-No i don't," you sighed "I just like you okay." You both stopped and looked at each other your (e/C) eyes boring into his dark blue ones. He didn't say anything and you broke away from him and walked off.

So you had confessed, you had had a crush on him for at least four months but it seemed he didn't like you back. You felt a hand on your shoulder and your heart rose thinking it was Matthew. When you turned around you were met with a familiar face. Alfred.

You let out a disappointed sigh and brushed his hand off your shoulder.

"What do you want America?"

"I want you back babe, i miss you." He hadn't gotten married in Vegas but he had gotten that girl knocked up and then dumped her.

"Well i don't want you back so leave me alone." He moved closer and grabbed your hips.

"Come on you know you want me. I'm the hero!"

You growled at him, "Get your filthy hands off of me."

"No." He moved closer and you were ready to punch him when he was pulled away.

"Brother leave her alone!" Matthew had pulled his brother away and his voice was a lot louder than normal and he was pretty angry.

"And who are you to tell me what to do?" America had his arms crossed over his chest and was looked at Matthew with contempt. You had had it with this guy. You punched him hard in the jaw and heard a cracking sound, "He's Canada you Asshole!" you yelled at him.

Canada grabbed your hand and walked you back to your house. You couldn't face him you were embarrassed and worried you had ruined your carefree friendship. At your house he turned you around and grabbed your chin, making you look at him.

"_____ i love you. I didn't tell you because i was shy and i knew Alfred was going to ask you out again and i wasn't sure if you still liked him or not. I Should have told you earlier." You grabbed him and brought his lips to yours.

They were soft a felt nice against yours. There was a hint of maple syrup and it was intoxicating. You pulled apart to breath and he hugged you to him.

"I love you ______"

"I love you too."

A Canadian boyfriend is so much better than an American one, even if he is a little shy.
Wow I'm on a roll! Two in one day. so i hope you liked my first Canada X Reader. this is a request from [link] and [link]

more requests and original stories on their way and at least one more series in the making.

I don't own the picture or hetalia or you but i do own the story

:iconyaycanadaplz: :iconsexycanadaplz:
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DownShiftPlus Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2014  New member Student Artist
Dang Mattie, since when did you stand up to Alfred? *smirks playfully*
Matthew: S-since....I d-d-don't know..
Well, you seem pretty strong, so can you punch my ex? He cheated on me earlier.
Matthew: Oh, who is it? I want to know who I'm up against.
Matthew: 0-0
Autumn1045 Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Awww, this was a cute story!!!
I don't need a Canadian boyfriend though, I already have a Japanese one (not really,but he's cute) :meow: :dummy:


he's really shy and cute and it's obvious he has a crush on me and he won't admit it....
he'll have to admit it soon though because I'm transferring to a different school soon :cry: I'll miss my cutie :saddummy: :cry:
motherofmaple Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2014  New member
LittleBenDrowned Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2014  Student General Artist
O////////////O I love it... And being shy is not bad... I'm so shy...
XSilverSiren Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2014  New member
Ya. I don't really talk a whole lot, unless you know me well.
NatureTune Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2014  Student General Artist
There is NOTHING wrong with being shy! :noes:Rage
It almost always caused by others who ignored, overshadowed or hurt the shy ones.

Although it was nice reading your ficClap 
GeekGurl234 Featured By Owner May 22, 2014
I live in Canada but I got a sister who lives in America:

How are the boys there? She keeps saying me im not missing anything here in Canada, she keeps saying theyre assholes.
TheKitKatArtist Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2014  Student General Artist
America is a jerk!! And I would rather have Canada as a boyfriend any day!! 
DouglastheDragon01 Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
*england taught me magic along with skulduggery*
*skulduggery mostly taught me combat*
i casually kick al's butt

ps. if anyone reads skulduggery pleasant you get cookies
booxlacy Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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