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Another World Meeting, the same notes as always. Do: America would yell about his 'awesome' plans and rattle on about super heroes. Re: Italy was either sleeping or talking excitedly to whichever nation chose to sit beside him. Mi: England was yelling at everyone and everything about how 'bloody stupid' they were. Fa: France was shooting lustful glances at different countries, most of which shrank away. Sol: Japan would talk and then Switzerland would threaten him if he 'didn't speak for himself'. La: Greece was sleeping on the long oak table, drool spilling form the sides of his mouth. Ti: Russia was finding new and exciting ways to terrify the poor little Latvia and the other Baltics, his idea of good fun! Do: Germany steaming over all of the chaos, the man needed order, who would eventually explode into a furious rant.

These meetings were always comprised of these same notes, the melody was the only thing to change. You were bored out of your mind, usual for you, and were resting your chin on your hand and gazing at America like you were actually listening to him talk. In reality you were thinking over your day and what work you would have to finish this evening.

Being a country was hard work! Paperwork up the wazoo, late nights, being alive for so long. Most humans thought that immortality would be a blessing, it wasn't. It was a curse. Living for so many centuries could really tire a girl out!  

How old were you now? You couldn't even recall, maybe you would Google it later. America seemed to finally finish his rant and sat down, England stood to take his place. You were waiting for him to start his usual lecture about the glaring issue of the countries unrefined manners. Instead he launched into a completely new concept.

"As most of you know i have long been dealing with magic as well as the unknown and i have some across something that i think is relevant to all of us. During an experiment i accidentally opened a portal to an alternate universe. It seems that in this universe everything is opposite, including us countries. Each of us has an alternate with a personality different to our own. A few qualities are shared but they are limited."

Everyone in the room seemed either unbelieving or overwhelmed, you weren't sure what to think.
"The portal is still open and is not likely to close. Would you all like to take a trip?"

After some minutes of deliberation most of the countries had agreed. A few had other plans, were to scared to go, or plainly didn't want to meet their 'other selves'. You, of course, decided to go with the group, which consisted of the axis and the allies along with Canada. You followed England down the steps of his cold basement and into the cement room.

There were no lights but they were not needed, the tall portal in the middle of the room glowed a bright blue and lit up the room. America ran through the opening without any guidance and England let out a exasperated sigh.
"Bloody idiot doesn't know where he's going! Alright now the alternates, or 2P's, share out human as well as country names but they prefer to be called by them. Savvy?"

England steeped into the portal next and the rest of the nations followed behind him. England was right, this world was the complete opposite. In London it was raining, as usual, but here the sun was shining brightly and the grass grew long. America was standing there staring around himself in disbelief.
"No way dudes this is just like Narnia!"
"Narnia was through a wardrobe you asshat, get it right!"

America ignored England and ran around laughing at everything, including the bewildered passersby. You motioned them to continue with a look that spelled out trouble if they didn't, no one questioned it and ran out of the hysterical Americans way.

England let out another sigh and scratched the back of his head,
"The 2P's are having their own world meeting so we'll meet them at 2P England, or just Arthur as he goes by, his house. Follow me." England walked over and took America by the ear like a small child, even though America was the taller one, and started off down the cement path.

The walk was spent about the same as the meetings; Italy chattering, England and France arguing, America laughing and saying random things, China trying to avoid Russia, and you just watching the whole thing. You had grown used to their antics over the centuries and didn't complain anymore, actually it was usually pretty entertaining.

After a good three mile walk you had been stopped in front of a colonial style building. England walked up to the door and knocked politely. You heard a small ruckus inside and the door was flung open by an England double. This of course was not the same England, this one had pink hair and light blue eyes that looked like Germany's. He was wearing a pink sweater vest over a puffy white shirt with a blue bow-tie and brown tweed pants. most of the outfit was covered by his apron, which was cutely decorated with tiny cupcakes.   

"Oh gosh you're all here," the man jumped up and down happily, "come in come in! Meet the others i'm sure they're all excited to meet you. I just finished a batch of cupcakes as well."
So this was definitely not the normal England. This man could cook! And there was no one inside yelling or crying so he must actually be decent at it, he was also much happier than the original England, and dare you think..cuter. But he wasn't your type, he seemed to much like Italy.

You walked inside with the others and admired just how big and clean the house was, there was not a speck of dust on anything. You followed 2P Engl- Arthur's lead into a large sitting room which held seven familiar yet strange looking people. There were so many it was hard to take them all in.

The first person you noticed was the alternate you. She had (dif h/c) hair in a strange style you would have never thought of and her eyes were a deep orange color, something that was not even possible in your world. She looked you over as well a gave a mean smirk, looks like you did have a few things in common after all. She too liked to act tough.

You scanned the room and took in every other country as well. The one that stood out the most, bedside yourself, was Matthew.

The guy radiated confidence. His dark sunglasses gave him and air of mystery and his pulled up hair and slight frown made him all the more intriguing. All the other countries looked to him first, some asking who his counterpart was. Canada just stood in the back and looked at his other self in awe. Matthew didn't seem all that interested in the situation but seemed to be looking at Canada with an almost jealous expression.  

Ludwig was mean, not angry per-say, with a jagged scar across his face and smoking a cigar. His hair was more platinum than blond and his eyes were a magenta-purple color. When you locked eyes with him he gave you a crude wink and went back to glaring at Germany.

Kiku was wearing a black suit that resembled Japan's his hair the same black color. His attitude seemed more sharp and angry, less reserved, than the original. He would not even look at you, he was staring strangely at China who was trying to ignore him.

Yao seemed to be an angry little man who looked to want a fight. He stood there, his arms crossed, and glared. He was wearing a dark hat with his hair in a high ponytail and dark clothing. He scoffed at you when you glanced his way and you glared back before looking at the next person.

Francis was a dirty man. His beard was scraggly and he looked disheveled and unclean. He too was smoking and looked bored and tired, the bags under his eyes were dark. He did not even try to flirt with anyone, this surprised you the most, he seemed like he wished to leave quickly.

Ivan was still tall like Russia but looked completely different. He had a gray scarf and a black coat, the same design as Russia's, but his face was grim and unhappy. He had orange hair and tired red eyes. He too looked like he didn't want to be here, he just sat there looking sad and bored in the back.

Then came the last of the Allies. Alfred. What you saw actually made your heart leap. He was ruggedly handsome and a bad boy, a hot bad boy. His hair was a deep red-brown and his eyes drew you into their red depths. His cowlick was in the same position as America's but pointed towards the floor. His bomber jacket was black with no number and he had quite a few piercings, no glasses.

You found everything about him attractive, even the sly grin he was giving you beckoned you closer to him. You were entranced by those red eyes, you wanted to sit by him and do more than just talk to him. You blushed at your own pervy thoughts and looked away. trying to ignore him, it wasn't working all that well, he was wearing a tight shirt under his jacket that showed off his slim alluring figure.

Arthur came in holding cupcakes before you could get to carried away and you grabbed on at random. You were about to bite into it when a firm hand stopped yours.
"I wouldn't it that if i were you babe," the sultry voice tickled the back of your neck and you turned to face the speaker. Alfred, of course. He was standing there holding your hand back form your mouth.

"What? Why not?"
"Look at the cupcake." You did, it seemed normal, the frosting on the vanilla cake was swirled pink and blue turning the middle purple. It looked safe but the reactions on all of the 2P's faces spelled disaster. Yao was smirking while Ludwig, Ivan, and Francis looked bored but were all watching you intently.

You set down the dessert and turned to face Alfred.
"Thanks for the warning, what wrong with that one?"
"It will give you the insane urge to bake and possibly kill a few people while you're at it." He grabbed a cupcake frosted in white and handed it to you, "He always bakes a few of those to try to trick people, i don't think he even realizes he does it, this one is safe."

You took a bite from the warm cupcake and smiled, it was delicious and melted in your mouth.
"These are really good Arthur."
"Thank you love!"  
"Well since i just saved you from certain insanity i think you own me something."
"And what would that something be?"
"A date."

You nearly spit out your cupcake at his comment. You really didn't have a choice but to accept his offer, after all he did save you, and it's not like you would complain about going on a date with such a hot guy.

"Well i guess that is only fair, when?"
"How about tomorrow? Come here and I'll pick you up around... six? Time works the same in both worlds so don't worry about that."
"Alright sounds good." He walked with you back to the couch and sat next to you while all of the nations talked about their different worlds, his arm was around you within ten minutes. Not that you minded.

*Time Skip the next day*

You were just finishing up the paperwork for the rest of the week and put the last sheet on the tall stack and leaned back in your comfortable chair. You still had around four hours until your date and figured it was about time to get ready. You walked up the stairs of your house and into the shower.

*Time Skip*

After finishing your makeup you walked into your bedroom to pick out a suitable outfit. Alfred hadn't mentioned where he was going to take you on this date and you weren't really sure what to wear. You decided finally on a pair of dark skinny jeans a cute tank top with a short sleeve cardigan over top.

You grabbed your purse and headed out the door and to Arthur's house.

*Time Skip*

You leaned against one of the pillars outside Arthur's house and waited for Alfred to arrive. A black Ford pickup truck with red flames came screeching to a stop in front of the house and you raised an eyebrow as Alfred stepped out of the vehicle and walked up to you.

"Ready yo go?"
"Yep, where are we going?"
"A restaurant and then to the park."
"Oh that sounds nice."
"Don't sound so surprised, i can do the romantic thing."

You had to jump to get into the tall truck and buckled yourself into the red leather seat as Alfred revved the engine and took off.
"So uh i don't feel comfortable calling you (country name) it sounds to formal, but i also don't want to call you (name) because then i only think of the (name) i know and that's bad too. So how about i call you (nickname)?"
"Sure that sounds good to me"  You smiled at him and he grinned back.

Dinner was at a fancy restaurant that didn't exist on your side. You noticed that when Alfred ordered he didn't order any meat, something that America would have cried over.
"Do you not like meat?"
"I'm vegan, this is one of the only restaurants i can go to."

The rest of the meal was passed in good conversation. You learned that Alfred was actually pretty mellow and a sweet guy. He hadn't had a girlfriend before and that he actually loved his brothers but would never tell them. You could feel yourself already falling for this man.

Your last two boyfriends had been complete jerks but you really liked this guy, even if he did live in an alternate universe maybe he was the one. He was holding your hand and walking with you through the park while you told him of your sibling countries and he talked about his.

The sun was setting, turning this sky a strange mix of teals and pinks, nothing like the sunsets in your world. You had to stop and watch, it was just so beautiful. Alfred sat with you on a bench and wrapped his arm around your waist as you stared at the setting ball of fire.

You could feel Alfred's red eyes on you and you turned your head away from the red sun to look into his red eyes. Once again you felt like you were being sucked in, but this time your body was actually moving closer, and so was his.

Your lips met his as your eyes closed. At first the kiss was sweet and innocent, that didn't last long. Soon you could feel his metal tongue ring tickling the bottom of your tongue and he was holding your sides and kissing you hard.

You were starting to get lightheaded but Alfred didn't pull away and you wanted to show him up. Finally he pulled away first panting and you gulped air.
"Wow is right. So would you like to be my girlfriend? I know we live in different universes but i think it could work out."

You smiled at him and ran two fingers over his slightly open mouth.
"I'm willing to try."

He took your hand once again and pulled you to your feet. It was hard to see in the waning light but you could still make out shapes using the streetlights. A glint was in Alfred's eyes as he kissed you hard again.

"I think it's about time you saw my house."   
this is a request for :icontoxic-x-lust: she asked for a 2P America so here it is :iconyeahplz:

lately i have really been getting into 2P hetalia so i had a good time writing this one :D oh and i based this 2P America off of Bleek's version on tumblr if you were wondering

Hetalia: :iconhimaruyaplz:
Story: mine
picture: not mine
You: :icon2pamericaplz:
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